A Highly Configurable Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software

Transport Manager is the most ideal solution which offers automated delivery route planning & route optimization, automated real time resource allocation, and much more on a simple and intuitive dashboard.

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Manage the way your products are transported with software that’s flexible, intelligent and trusted.

Transport Manager is designed for retailers with their own assets to manage and handle. All the features you need to effectively manage the transportation leg of your supply chain process is made available on your Transport Manager dashboard.

We give you the power to reach your customers with efficient last mile shipping, delivery and dispatch management, and keep you updated with highly accurate real-time tracking, route deviation alerts and notifications.

Transport Manager is ideal for retailers that have their own assets to manage and helps ensure all operations of your supply chain logistics are done effectively and efficiently, no matter how large the scale of your operations are.


Enjoy intelligent features that help you make better decisions for your business.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time last mile tracking on a map interface, which can be shared through secure links or push notification APIs.

Automated Planning & Optimization

Resource capacity, delivery route planning and route optimization software for all distribution models including single pick up-multiple drop and multiple pick up-multiple drop algorithms.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp and geo-coordinates.


Our platform lets retailers of all sizes manage delivery assets and shipments from one place.

Dynamic Re-Routing

Algorithm considers various parameters including resource capacity, customer locations, and time preferences, traffic and weather conditions.


Our last mile delivery applications are hardware independent and has negligible impact on battery life.

Interative Dashboard

Interactive dashboards to analyze entire delivery network using heat maps, trend lines and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

Pricing Plan


N10000 Per Month
  • Up To 5 Assets
  • Up To 5 User Accounts
  • Up To 100 shipments daily
  • Basic Features & Reporting

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N25000 Per Month Recommended
  • Up To 50 Assets
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Above 100 shipments daily
  • Advanced Features



N40000 Per Month
  • Above 5 Assets
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Above 100 shipments daily
  • Advanced Features & Customizable


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