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Kellogg's Fruit N Fibre Cereal - 750g

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Yummy, cripsy, fun cereal! You and your little ones can enjoy a tasty and delicious breakfast meal with the Kellogg's Fruit n Fibre, fortified with nutrients that give you a and your family a good start for the day. It contains healthful wheat and crispy dried fruit, including sultanas, hazelnuts, raisins and extra nutritional value for every time tasty treat!

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to give you a great day, make nourishing servings of your Kellogg's Fruit n Fibre any time of the day, whether you like it with cool or warm water.

Add milk or sugar, or both just as desired to your crunchy cereal, it contains your favourite fruits dried fruits like raisins, coconut, banana, apple and hazelnuts.

Your darling Kellogg's Fruit n Fibre can also be enjoyed with yoghurt, oh what a savoury recipe you've got! High in fibre that comes from natural wheat, this delicious cereal provides you with 40 percent of your daily value of fibre intake without compromising taste. With only 80 calories per serving, Kellogg's fruit n fibre cereal is a tasty and healthy addition to your diet.


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