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Milo Chocolate Drink 1kg, Dano Cool Cow 900g

Milo Chocolate Drink 1kg, Dano Cool Cow 900g

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his Combo contains MILO  Energy drink which is a delicious family favourite, it is an energy drink that offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the demands of little bodies and minds! MILO has many nutritional benefits. It's naturally rich in carbohydrates and is a great source of energy for the brain, nervous system, and muscles. And only MILO has Activ-Go, which contains Protomalt, a unique malt extract. Activ-Go is also a source of nutrients that play a role in energy release, muscle function, and bone maintenance, which are essential functions for physical activity in children. Malted barley is one of the key ingredients that gives MILO the unique great taste and crunch kids love. Simply add 3 teaspoons of MILO to a glass of hot or cold skim milk and enjoy a delicious energy drink as part of a balanced breakfast. MILO fuels your child's energy to go further.
Dano Cool Cow Instant Full Milk Powder is rich, highly nutritious and creamy whole milk that is extra fortified with 28 Vitamins and minerals. These products are also favorites in coffee and tea, and for cooking and baking.
 MILO and Dano as part of a healthy breakfast, provides all the essential nutrients that help prepare you and your family to get the most out of your day.


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