Jalo: Five ways that a good supply chain plan improves business

Finding a business partner should be easy as you only have to consider how much you are willing to pay for what you stand to gain. However, there is a disparity between companies’ capabilities and willingness to discuss solutions with you. If the company won’t let you influence their solutions then you can’t be confident with their plans. Here are five reasons why you should find a supply chain partner that will allow you to plot the solutions.

The manufacturing industry is prone to changing orders

Companies always change their quantity of orders and deliverables, usually monthly. Such changes can cause a problem with supply chain partners’ quota and your agreement is exposed to a variety of problems. If you can discuss the solutions then you can properly plan the agreement’s flexibility that is beneficial for both you and your partner. 

Logistics is interconnected

One of the reasons why supply chain partners have rigid contracts is the nature of the industry. Having many clients causes them to have little control over their schedules, quotas, and ranges. Making one contract flexible can affect their other commitments. 

If your partner is unwilling to compromise or if they are bad at planning, then your business will suffer as a result. Jalo is one of many top transport companies that know how to plan around such cases so you can rest easy as a partner.

Cuts operating costs 

A good business arrangement is profitable, not costly. The package price of a reputable company is often more expensive than a mediocre service but you have to think about what you can gain. What’s more, is that a great supply chain company is less likely to experience setbacks that can cause your company losses. The key factor that makes them good is management. Only invest in companies if you are confident in their managers.

Seamless flow in operations

All companies are prone to hiccups and that is especially true for supply chains. However, a good manager knows how to isolate such cases to avoid affecting the network of business partners. You can get a detailed report from your business partners to see how well they are doing. 

A long list of problems but no need for major reports means that they are vigilant enough to see those issues and wise enough to solve them without getting you involved. Be suspicious if their list of problems is too short as it could mean that they are either ignorant or they are hiding the truth.

Keeps customers happy

The most important element for evaluating the supply chain is how happy the customers are with the availability of your products. Factors to consider include punctuality of the supply and the quality of the products at the time of delivery. Jalo has a great system for different kinds of products as well as warehousing plans for proper storage. You can discuss the details with Jalo for special products.