Jalo: What to consider before hiring a delivery driver

Jalo: What to consider before hiring a delivery driver

Ever since the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, more customers have opted to buy their products in online stores. Gone are the days when they had to visit physical shops, fall in line and jump from one store to another just to buy what they wanted. 

This has also helped up-and-coming entrepreneurs to launch their businesses without having to pay for rent and other expenses.

Because of this, the demand for delivery drivers is also increasing. They play a huge part in ensuring that the goods are delivered safely to customers, helping your business establish a good reputation. Without them, the success of your online stores can be hard to achieve. 

Here are some great tips to help you hire a delivery driver well-suited for your business:

Assess their personality

One of the considerations you should never overlook when hiring a delivery driver is their personality. Remember that they will be the ones who will interact with the customers, so they should have a pleasing aura! Think of them as the face of your company that has to make a good impression.

You also need to take into account how they carry themselves. You’ll need a driver who cares about having a clean appearance. This can already be evident during the interviewing process so make sure that you pay attention.

Delivery drivers are part of the customer service as well. Keep in mind that if their service is subpar, it will create a negative ripple effect for your business. Your website and feedback forms may end up being filled with bad customer reviews, so tread carefully.

Evaluate their credentials

Aside from their personality, you should also double-check their credentials. Before they deliver your products, make sure that they have a clean driving record and auto insurance. In this way, you will be able to put your complete trust in your driver without reservations, which is important if you want things to go smoothly. 

As a business owner, you have to ensure that your driver has not been involved in any major accidents. If this happens again under your watch, it will give your company a bad reputation.

Consider vehicle ownership

When it comes to handling shipment concerns, vehicle ownership should be a priority. Whether the delivery driver uses a personal car or a company-owned vehicle, you might encounter lawsuits and issues if they get into an accident.

If you hire a driver that has a personal car, check the condition of their vehicle first before putting stickers of your brand onto the car. You need to make sure that what they drive is well-maintained and tidy.

However, if you own the vehicle, what you need to prioritize is insurance coverage which should include the delivery driver. Using a company-owned vehicle is also a better option if you want to protect your brand image.