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Mama Gold Semolina 5kg

Mama Gold Semolina 5kg

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Mama gold semolina is very good and unique  for your health.mama gold semolina is a superior quality brand of semolina  made from the finest quality. it is fortified with vitamin  and protein, which  makes it even more nutrient, provide the added vitality  for your daily activities. One of the many distinguished trait of mama gold semolina is natural during extraction. It undergoes the best milling technology, that  ensure the whole some components are not blessed away but rather retained, giving you much healthier  meal that Is easy to digest  and allows for free  bowel  movement. With its care fully selected combination  or finest quality  nutrient. Fiber, vitamins, protein, low fat and easily digestible carbohydrate. semovita has a great taste that you can enjoy after preparing it, after preparing it about 12 to 15 minutes it is ready to eat, you can now set you dinning to eat a delicious flour which is call SEMOLINA


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