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Günther Elsener – Logistics and Transport

I am Günther Elsener, and I am a Logistics and Transport Specialist. I will help you to understand logistics, and I will give you tips on how to improve your business, or maybe even start your own logistics business. I will also help you to decide if logistics is for you, and how you can make a success of your logistics business.

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The other day I was at the supermarket and I saw a man who was wearing a T-shirt with the name “Logistics” on it. It made me think of the logistics business.

Why is logistics so important?

Let’s think about it. The supermarkets sell their products. These products are transported from the wholesalers to the supermarkets. The products are then sold to the customers. After that, the products are transported to the customers.

The logistics business is the most important business in the world.

It’s the most important business in the world because it affects almost every other business.

Certainlythe businesses in the transport business affect other businesses. If you want to buy a new car, you need a car transporter. You need to buy a new washing machine. You need to buy new shoes. You need to buy a new computer. You need to buy a new TV. You need to buy a new kitchen. You need to buy new furniture. You need to buy a new bed. You need to buy a new table. You need to buy a new chair. You need to buy new plates. You need to buy new cups. You need to buy new chairs. You need to buy new cutlery. You need to buy new clothes. You need to buy new sheets. 

Adobe Acquires Spire, A Company Building “The World’s First Truly Universal Web Fonts”

This week Adobe announced it was acquiring Spire, a company that has been building the world’s first truly universal web fonts. Spire has been developing a new typeface, which it calls “Kob”. The font will be available to all web developers, free of charge, and is based on the Latin Modern font family.

According to Spire’s founder and CEO, Mounir Sadir, “Kob is a unique and versatile font that is designed to adapt to any screen size and device, be it a mobile, tablet or desktop screen.”

In addition to the free font, Spire will also offer a full-featured web service that will provide developers with a set of open source code to create their own Kob-based web fonts. Spire says that this service will be available on GitHub in the next few months.

Kob’s designer, Christian Schwartz, says that he is excited to be joining Adobe.