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Jalo: Shipping tips for business owners

Keeping up with the demands of the modern consumer may seem tough, especially when you’re just starting. As much as you want to expand your business, customer satisfaction is hard to come by nowadays. Your competitors are slowly attracting more audience, and you feel like you’re still stuck at the first stage. 

However, knowing how to properly ship your products is a game-changer. It’s one of the fastest ways to satisfy your customers and boost your online presence in many ways. 

Here at Jalo, we want to help you grow your profits in the best way we can. If you’re a small business and shipping is an important part of your daily operations, you are in the right place.

Take a look at these business shipping tips you should know:

Package your shipments properly

If you want to guarantee customer satisfaction, you need to make sure that your shipments are properly packaged. What you want to avoid is your products getting damaged, bent or scratched in transit. If that happens, your clients will ask for a refund, and worse, a bad review will be posted on your website.

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening by using professional packagings such as packaging tapes and sturdy boxes. You might also need to wrap your goods in newspapers or bubble wrap, especially if it’s a fragile item. Whatever material you use, make sure that they provide a professional brand image for your business.

Verify shipping information

One of the mistakes business owners make is not double-checking the shipping information before delivering the items. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to make any changes once the parcels are in transit, so you have to be extremely careful.

Always check the name of the receiver, address, unit number and postal code to avoid any errors. 

Choose the best package size

If you want to save money on shipping costs, choosing the appropriate package size is a huge help. For instance, for smaller items, it’s recommended that you use polybags instead of boxes since they charge cheaper fees for light and small parcels.

Include the cost of shipping

When you’re finalizing the billing page, always make sure that you include the cost of shipping. If you fail to do so, you might end up paying shipping fees, making you spend a large amount of unplanned money.

Another situation that can happen is the customer will have to pay for shipping upon delivery. This might lead to a bad customer experience, preventing your small business from making a good name. 

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