Jalo: What you need to know about warehouses

Be a more knowledgeable person when you learn everything about warehouses, including fun facts. Find out now here at Jalo. The facts about warehouses that you need to know are the following:

1. A warehouse can be a big storage building or an office in which you can find different departments such as sales, purchasing, accounting, shipping, receiving and logistics. Some warehouses also offer training programs for people who want to work in the warehouse department. In a warehouse, there are usually some employees who work day in and day out. However, they are there to provide the customers with their products and deliver them to the customer’s place.

2. A warehouse may serve different functions. One is a distribution center which is where you can find all the merchandise that is going to be sold to your customer. Another one is a storage center in which you can keep and protect your goods from damages or theft. You can find some of these warehouses outside the city limits. These are called non-operational or empty warehouses.

3. Before purchasing a warehouse, you should always check whether it has a good location. Good locations will have easy access to transportation so that you can get the materials that you need when you need it. Also, if you need to transport a lot of goods at once, you might want to choose a warehouse that has a huge area. This means you will have less people working at the warehouse and more space for the materials that you will be transporting.

4. Warehouse Storage Units Most of you would know how large warehouse is as it has a vast space. In fact, the size of warehouses in a single facility varies from 50,000 sq ft to even 500,000 sq ft. The size of storage units also varies between a unit being 30’ x 40’ and 50’ x 200’. But the common thing is that every storage unit within a facility is connected to the power supply. The other common features of warehouses include the loading dock and warehouse doors. There are also various machines used in warehouses which are called as forklifts. These machines are essential for the work of handling the materials or products, moving the boxes from one storage unit to another and many other things.

5. Types of Warehouse There are different types of warehouses to suit the needs of different business. These types of warehouses include open-bay, enclosed-bay, covered-bay and open-structured. Each type of warehouses has different sizes, storage capacities, materials, machinery, and others.

6. Open-Bay Warehouse Open-bay warehouse is a popular kind of warehouse in any area. It is an open-area warehouse where everything can be seen from the outside.